Before Faith in Christ

Mentoring the Journey: Before They Might Become a Follower of Christ or Topo #1


    This site was developed for Christian professors on secular campuses. It’s purpose is to aid you when you enter into conversations with your colleagues that could lead to discussing the great things of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    You will find that we advocate on this site an approach to spiritual guidance that we call conversational and relational evangelism. It is a dialogical approach that seeks to help you discover where people are on their life’s journey. It may also be useful for you to accurately assess where you stand and why.

    We do not believe the best way to learn this skill is by merely accessing and reading the resources and materials found on this site (and some off-site); but we make this site available because we believe there are some things that can be learned on-line that could be valuable to you. We do think the best way to learn this approach to evangelism is by consistently watching someone who is good at doing it. Nonetheless, we encourage you to check out the tabs at the top of the page to explore on. © Academic Connections, International