After Faith in Christ

Mentoring the Journey: After They Become a Follower of Christ or Topo #2



  Our life in Christ as His follower is both a lifestyle and life-long journey.  But what does that look like? We have created and are creating a variety of useful resources for you to investigate those issues. We believe they will be valuable no matter whether this trek is new to you or you’ve been walking in His grace for a long-time. So grab some coffee, take a little holiday, and check out the just above links.

    We also believe these resources can help increase your effectiveness as a coach and mentor to others in academe who are pursuing what it means to be a follower of Christ.  We are currently on a two year project of assessing the value of Christian traditions for spiritual formation. Be sure to read the introduction in the next tab to get a good sense of what we’re trying to provide for you. © Academic Connections, International