Section 5

Advanced Apologetics


   Just what counts as an “advanced” problem in apologetics is problematic to state.  Maybe the best way to think about what we are trying to do in this “advanced problems” section is 1) revisit some of the problems and issues we covered in Level 1 to re-examine them in light of what we’ve learned in Level 2 through Level 4; and 2) introduce some new problems and issues we didn’t earlier cover because they are less commonly raised conversationally and are more complex.

   Problems considered in this section will require a more nuanced approach in that while looking for good answers we are also trying to both 1) develop some sort of systematic way of approaching these problems and 2) rely more heavily on what we’ve learned and what we know as a result of developing a penetrating analysis of metaphysics, epistemology, and axiology & ethical theory to creatively respond to the difficulties. © Academic Connections, International