Section 2: Resources For (Western) Cultural Analysis

Introduction to (Western) Cultural Analysis

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (Georges Seurat)

The Art Institute of Chicago: Photo Credit: JAC

    Welcome to this sub-site, its materials and resources, which forms our introduction to cultural analysis. On this level we enter a broader apologetic forum--a conversation about cultural attitudes, ideologies and cultural goods. That’s because just like individuals and schools of thought, cultures also have certain ideological, social and etiquette markers that can be discerned and these deserve thoughtful analysis and response. Addressing this kind of analysis results in better understanding the bigger social environment that plays a very important role in the thinking of the individuals in academe. To some degree we also have an opportunity when entering this arena to influence that cultural inheritance.

    Defining what constitutes “culture” can be tricky.  Some say it is the power to begin or stop change. Other’s tend to think of culture merely in terms of what some call “high culture” for instance, our art, our best music and our best literature, architecture and so on. While others still see it more broadly as whatever we produce, in the broadest sense.  An example of that view can be seen in the work of Andy Crouch who is listed among people we think are saying some important things about culture making (see him listed under the “Christian Sources” tab above).  

Check this Tim Keller YouTube explanation of culture: Why Culture Matters © Academic Connections, International