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     Connections Review is our electronic, formerly semi-annual, then quarterly, now occasional publication for Christian faculty. It is designed, written and edited to help keep Christian professors up-to-date on the relevant goings on within academe, provide information and updates to our websites and resources, provide provocative ideas and insights, and prepare Christian scholars for the task at hand.

Note: Some links within particular issues of archived Connections Reviews no longer exist or do no longer work.  Over a period of time, this can be because some of the links are outside of our control and can be changed; and some off-site pages that we linked to have been deleted by those who originally posted them...

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     Subsequently we decided to use another mechanism that was simpler, more intuitive and used smaller files.   This allowed those involved in our network to access our publication through their email directly.  You can receive this newer form by joining our mailing list through the link provided just above.  


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Note that Café Cook began with Issue # 8 of Connections Review:


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