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   To get a sense of what has been updated in the content and design of the various individual portals listed, click on the individual portals and find the “About This” tab inside each individual portal.

This tab is for recording updates on the design and content for only this website's homepage:

Version 1.0 10/2004   Original site set up with basic configuration.

Version 2.0,  8/1/2008 

Version 3.0,  6/3/2012  Finished old software configuration on homepage.

Version 4.0,  8/8/2016  Switch to new software and reimagining the new homepage and portals connections.

Version 4.01, 8/12/2016 Changing some fonts and edting on the home page.

Version 4.011, 10/3/2016 Changing some wording and adding some text to the home page.

Version 4.012,  5/20/2017 Adding a new photo to the page.


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