A Brief Orientation

This Site is all about life’s journey.  Thus, we think it is necessary to ask questions like: 

    Where do you WANT to go? How likely is your going and arriving at that place contribute to you having had a well-lived life?

    If you keep going the way you are currently going, are you going to end up where you want to be?

    How likely is it that you will be fulfilled & will flourish as you progress and finally arrive at these ends?

    What kinds of skills, excellencies and virtues are necessary for you to develop in order to achieve these ends?

    What are your plans to develop those habits?


    So we affirm that it is not only important to ask where do you want to go, but to also ask, how do you want to go about getting there? Along this Journey of life what kind of person do you want to become?


    Use the resources on this site to discern how you are doing in your Journey, but also to help you as you mentor other faculty in their life’s Journey.

    Be sure to explore the tabs above to get a sense of what’s included on this site and be sure to especially check the ‘Contours” tab, because that’s where most of the resources are located. © Academic Connections, International