About This (Site's) Home Page (Only)

Version 1.0 10/2004  This represents updates on the design and content of the main website homepage (only) for Faith and Scholarship.

Version 2.0,  8/1/2008

Version 3.0,  6/3/2012

Version 4.0,  8/8/2016  Switch to new software and reimagining the new homepage and portals connections.

Version 4.01, 8/12/2016 Changing some fonts and edting on the home page.

Version 4.011, 10/3/2016 Changing some wording and adding some text to the home page.

Version 4.012,  5/20/2017 Adding a new photo to the page.


   To get a sense of what has been updated in the various individual portals listed, click on the individual portals and find the “About This” tab inside each individual portal.

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