Literature, Theology & Science

    Video taped discussion at Cedar Campus on topics like: Genesis and ancient Mesopotamian creation literature, the proper way to relate theology to science (and vice versa) and more.  These sessions were led by Tom Trevethan (InterVarsity Faculty Staff) and Dr. David Blaauw (Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan)...see Links (forthcoming) and also Handouts (now available) below:

A)  Literary Study of Genesis & Ancient Mesopatamian Creation Literature


  Handouts (it’s probably wise to access or print all of these PDF files out before watching the tapes): 

B)  Links to Gilgamesh Texts: 

Excerpts from Blocher, Henri. In The Beginning (IVP, 1984) 

    Blocher P. 20-59.pdf  (presently unavailable)

Excerpts from Mythological Poetry--The Enuma Elis

C) Science, Religion and the Human Future by Leon Kass article in Commentary

More forthcoming


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