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Version 2.1 (1/4/2009) New tab for “readings” and some editing work

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Version 2.3 (3/12/2016) Adding Philosophical Theology section and some links.

Version 2.34 (9/5/2016) Adding resources to “Selected Readings” tab.

Version 2.348 (1/25/2018) Adding Literature,Theology and Science section and resources

Version 2.35 (1/25/2018) Finishing phase of transferring resources from old software to the new software.

Version 2.36 (4/11/2019) Some editorial changes to help researcher understand the role of theological belief formation as it relates to her “thinking Christianly” about her academic discipline.

Version 2.37 (9/5/2019) Fixed broken links, eliminated broken links and added links to various pages.

Version 2.39 (1/20/2021) Fixed some broken links, deleted some links to stuff we could no longer find and added a few others.

Version 2.395 (10/19./2021) Added a number of NT and OT exegesis links to the whole of the site.

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