We want to highlight the fact that most of resources on this site (since it’s organized around the metaphor of “journey”) are found under the “Mentoring These Contours” tab.  

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    Navigation on this site was designed to be intuitive and should be relatively easy; but because this site will become expansive, you may need some help getting around.  First, you will see what we call “horizontal” navigation tabs, including terms like  ‘Introduction’, ‘Contours’, ‘About This’ and so forth.  By clicking on any of the so-called horizontal tabs you move “horizontally” in the site and can explore those topics and the connections to other sub-sites.   Those sub-sites will in many cases have similar horizontal navigation possibilities, but in some cases where you might “drill’ down into the resources, will include “vertical” navigation tabs so you can return “up” from where you came.

    That is, if you drill (vertically) deeper into a particular part of the site, you will find (usually) near the top of those newly opened pages vertical navigation tabs.   How high you will be able to ascend, of course, will depend on how far you have drilled down into the sections.  So if you don’t find horizontal navigation tabs at the very top of the page, look for vertical navigation tabs near the top.

    Also, parts of the site may allow you to leave our family of sites to visit other off-site resources and in those cases when you move onto other sites, you will be opening new tabs or windows in your browser.  When you want to come back to this one, simply close those tabs and windows.  Explore on!  

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