As far as this site is concerned the continental divide for the subject matter on this journey is whether or not one has become a follower of Christ or not and what that means.

    There is process involved in scaling the terrain both sides of that  divide, but for the sake of focusing our discussion, we will begin on this site and subsequent sub-sites to concentrate on one or the other sides of that divide.

    For the time being we will bracket the question of what constitutes the necessary and sufficient conditions of becoming a follower of Christ.  That subject will be taken up in varying degrees of detail on both parts of the divide on this site.

    To sum up, these resources are being collected to help followers of Christ better understand their own journey with Christ and to enable them to better act as journey guides with their colleagues.  

    As Yogi Berra--not the cartoon, the baseball player and coach--said, “....when you come to a fork  in the road, take it.”  The fork here leads to different sides of a continental divide.  So now, a choice for you:  Choose between the two options given by clicking on one of the divide links  to enter the resources, materials and discussions for that. © Academic Connections, International