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Current Version: 2.1594

Version 1.0 (7/30/2010)  Initial Design Layout, scope planned, publication date was approximately 4/4/2011.

Version 1.5 (4/10/2011)  Putting up the “Left Fork” and linking to it the main Journey page.

Version 1.75 (12/10/2011) Adding resources and editing the “Left Fork” 

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Version 1.9  (12/2013)  Adding resources, considerable editing, cosmetic changes...

Version 2.0 (6/29/2015)  Putting up the “Right Fork” and linking it to the main Journey page.

Version 2.11 (7/5/2015)  Additions and editing to “Right Fork” and some cosmetic improvements on the “Left Fork”

Version 2.14 (8/4/2015)  Some editing on the introduction to this site.

Version 2.15 (9/20/2015) Some editing on the Welcome page.

Version 2.159 (11/4/2015) Fixing major problems on the site (corrupted files).

Version 2.1592 (11/5/2015) Adding a link regarding doing  Bible devotions in the original languages and correcting another link.

Version 2.1594 (4/17/2016) Editing and cleaning up some typos.

Version 2.17 (5/8/2019) Beginning to move site to new software (creating new pages and links).

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