Café Cook 19

For this issue of CR, Café Cook offers an assortment of articles we’ve spotted on the web (off our site), that you may find thought provoking…on a variety (or should we say diversity) of issues:

"From Damage to Discovery Via Virtual Unwrapping: Reading the Scroll from En-Gedi," by Willam Brent Sealest, Clifford Seth Parker, Michael Segal, Emanuel Tov, Pnina Shor, and Yosef Porath in Science Advances (AAAS)

"The Real War on Science," by John Tierney in City Journal

Science Corner: The Phylogentic Trees of Lebanon," by Joe Walsh in The Emerging Scholar’s Blog (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship)

A Passion for Science and Religion on Campus,” by Patrick Beretta in The Huffington Post

Why Moralism is Not the Gospel,” by Albert Mohler in

"The 'Nones' are Disappearing,” by John Mark Reynolds in Patheos Eidos (Blog) © Academic Connections, International