Café Cook 13

These resources were compiled for this edition of Connections Review: Issue #13, Winter 2016.

Café Cook is a place where you can peruse a variety of links that we think are relevant to Christian faculty.  So grab a cup of coffee or a latte and browse what we have to offer this issue.

Christians & the Academic World

Tests of Faith (Inside Higher Education)

No Christianity Please, We’re Academics (Inside Higher Education)

Christians in Academe: a Reply (Inside Higher Education)

An Evangelical Resnaissance in Academe? (Inside Higher Education)

Gender Based Harassment & Sexual Assault Cases: 

Caltech Suspends Professor for Harassment (Science)

Berkley releases Report on Astronomer Sexual Harrassment Case (Nature)

Berkeley Astromer In Sexual Harassment Case to Resign (Nature)

Women Respond to Nobel Laureate’s ‘Trouble With Girls  (New York Times)

University of Arizona Sexual Harassment Spotlighted in Congress (Arizona Daily Star)

Why Did UC Fire a Tenured Professor? (Inside Higher Education)

Chicago Professor Facing Misconduct Charges Quits (Inside Higher Education)

U. Of Chicago Scientist Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Investigation (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Post publication additions:

Geoff Marcy’s Downfall (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Why a Congresswoman Is Pressing Colleges to Do More on Harassment (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Chicago Professor, Facing Misconduct Charges, Quits (Inside Higher Education)

Academic Freedom of Expression Issues:

Academic Freedom and Compassion  (Inside Higher Education)

Yale Vs. Princeton: The Battle For Free Speech on Campus  


On the Connedtions Between Virtue, Happiness and Meaning (Virtue Blog)

When Philosophy Lost Its Way (New York Times)

My Top Ten Books from 2015 (Michael W. Austin, Blog)


Ellis Knocks Physicists for Knocking Philosophy…. (Scientific American)

C.S. Lewis: Science and Scientism (Henry Schaefer III in C.S. Lewis Society of California)


Map Showing Where Most of Humanity Lives (Washington Post)

Why Too Much Evidence Can Be a Bad Thing (

Harvard Psychatrist on 3 Things that are the Secret to Real Happiness (Business Insider)

Video: What Do Ancient Non-Christian Sources tell Us About Jesus (Dr. Craig Blomberg, Youtube)

5 Striking Finds for 2015 (Pew Research Center)

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