Section 3

 Positive Apologetics

   Section 3 conceptual apologetics, as I have termed it, is all about increasing your analytical skills and sophistication so that you can creatively develop and choose ways to best defend your faith in the Lord.  If you can make time, read the introduction to get better oriented to this site and then click on the tabs above to access other resources for this level.  

   You will likely find the material in this section much more challenging because we are introducing many more analytic tools that require a lot of work to master.  For instance, we are encouraging at this level that you gain a deeper understanding of the domains of epistemology, metaphysics and axiology and moral theory and their bearing on doing Christian apologetics.  As you master these areas and can develop a more systematic and sophisticated understanding of them as you integrate the insights into Christian apologetics, you’ll find yourself gaining more and more advantages in the apologetic task. The will include advantages in understanding and articulating arguments in areas like negative apologetics, positive apologetics and deconstructive apologetics.  Sp© Academic Connections, International