Connections Review #1, Winter 2011

Connections Review 

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Issue #1, Winter 2011

You are receiving this email because you have either requested to receive it or because of your involvement in local Christian faculty communities on secular campuses who are or have been serviced and/or resourced by Academic Connections ministry.  In some cases you were referred to us as possibly having an interest in this sort of publication.  If you would like to be removed from this list, click here and merely type the term 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.


To provide easily accessed information of importance to Christian faculty (individuals & communities) existing on secular campuses.

In this Issue:

On Being A Christian Academic by Donald Hay, Oxford University

Academic Insiders

Christian Communities in Academe

Court Watch

This winter quarter/semester is rolling along and in many cases the first round of exams are coming soon.  Before all that takes place this might be a good time for a break in the action for you and a good time for us to send you are semi-annual update.  Eventually we may make this a quarterly update, but for now this modest semi-annual courier will have to do.

Our goal is to keep this communication pretty brief, but with links for those who would like to explore a little deeper.  By the way, if you have any problems with the links, please let me know.  I've tested this page on my computer, but one never knows how various servers and mailboxes will interact with this format.

Speaking of links, there are a number of places in this dispatch where you can link to our--Academic Connections--website.  We were founded in July 1, 2010 but we're not new at all to academe.  In fact, for most of us on staff we have spent the majority of our lives either serving in or serving faculty who work at universities.  You might want to visit our site just to check out our mission, initiatives and associates.


On Being A Christian Academic by Donald Hay, Oxford University

This on-line article was referred to me by a former colleague, Howard Van Cleave who serves on the Faculty Ministry Leadership Team of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  Christian faculty live in at least two "worlds."  One is their academic world and the other is their personal world which includes the fellowship of other believers and the church.  

Academic Insiders

We have created a place where you can catch up rather quickly on news of relevance to you.  The links provided are organized and categorized with you in mind and take you to on-line articles found in the publications  Inside Higher Education or the Chronicle of Higher Education.  (Explanations regarding certain article availabilities and the possible need for subscriptions to access them are provided.)

Christian Communities in Academe

A ubiquitous question Christian scholars ask when they begin to get organized on a particular campus is whether there are (or have ever been) any other universities where they've gotten organized and what might we learn from them.  For your benefit we have searched the web to find local Christian faculty communities or fellowships (webpages) whether at universities or liberal arts colleges.  

Court Watch

This link takes you to a page where we follow some of legal issues of relevance to Christian professors.  Though not exhaustive in its coverage, you can use these links to follow highlighted individual cases and from there pursue the details you would like to have.  Like the two previous resources we provide, we update these from time to time.

We hope you find these resources useful and helpful for your sojourn at the university.  In the future we intend to include faculty written articles on a variety of subjects, book reviews and more.

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