Scott Bryant, Ph.D.

About Scott

   Scott Bryant received his Ph.D. in management, with an emphasis in strategy and entrepreneurship, from the University of Oregon in 2002. He has a BA (1990) and an MBA (1998) from Seattle Pacific University (SPU). He worked for several years at the Domain Group advertising agency, spent nearly a year at PhotoSort, a technology startup in Seattle, spent a year in Poland teaching English, and worked as an admissions officer for nearly five years at SPU. 

   His experience with technology companies in the Seattle area has prompted an interest in researching how high-tech, entrepreneurial firms manage knowledge to create sustainable competitive advantages. Scott serves as an elder at his local church, helps his kids with homework (Brendan (18) and Grace (14), skis, and enjoys a sunny afternoon reading C.S. Lewis    

   Scott services Academic Connections as a volunteer Ministry and Research Fellow. His writing and research interests involve applying a Christian worldview to knowledge management, leadership and emotional intelligence in organizations. He desires to understand the nature of healthy Christian faculty communities.

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