Larry Bryant, M.S.

                                                           About Larry

   Larry Bryant was born in Tilden, Nebraska, on 25 March 1953, and grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he graduated as valedictorian from Highland High School in 1971.   He accepted an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy, where he was a Distinguished Graduate in 1975 with bachelor degrees in math and computer science, and completed his master's degree in computer science at UCLA the following year.

   He has worked as the Director of Academic Computing, Dean of the Faculty, United States Air Force Academy since June 1992.  Until the consolidation of all base computing services in April 1995, he lead a department of 37 professionals responsible for providing all computer hardware, software, and network support to over 6000 Academy faculty, staff, and cadets.  He was also instrumental in the design and installation of USAFAnet, acting as program manager for the initial installation of over 10,000 drops and the fiber backbone throughout the entire cadet area.   

   Following his retirement from the Air Force in 1996, he has continued as a civilian faculty member to provide the vision and leadership required to keep the Academy at the forefront of educational computing technology by efficiently managing all faculty computer resources and directing the procurement of all cadet computer systems.            

   Upon graduating from UCLA, then 2nd Lt Bryant was sent to 2nd Communications Squadron, Buckley ANGB, Colorado, where he served four years as Chief of Sigma III Programming.  He gained considerable experience with both computer and communications equipment, was recognized for solving a “million dollar software problem,” and was also instrumental in discovering the cause of the infamous 9 November 1979 "false alert" incident.  He was promoted to Captain in June 1979.

   In March 1980, Capt Bryant was selected for a short tour in Colorado Springs on the joint HQ ADCOM staff during a major transition of functions to SAC.  As Computer Systems Software Staff Officer for the DCS Operations in support of CINCNORAD, he was responsible for determining and monitoring future mission requirements and enhancements to the Defense Support Program early warning satellite system.

   Following the transition of duties to SAC, he returned to the USAF Academy in June 1981, but this time as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science.  During this four-year tour he served as Advisor-In-Charge for the Computer Science Major, Associate Air Officer Commanding for a squadron of cadets, and designed and wrote the first PC-based faculty-wide automated grading system.

   In June 1985, he was assigned to Det 3 of the Air Force Flight Test Center, a special duty assignment, where he served in three positions: Chief, Systems Management, Plans and Communications Division; Chief, Systems Integration and Plans Division; and Director, Range Systems Certification.  During this tour he was promoted to Major on 1 October 1986.

   Major Bryant was then fortunate to be selected to attend the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia, from July 1988, until January 1989, where he was honored with the prize for writing the best Operational Warfare Research Essay.

   In January 1989, he was assigned as Chief, ADP Branch, Automation Support Division, Force Structure, Resources and Assessment Directorate (J-8), of the Joint Staff, Pentagon, Washington, D.C., where he served for over three very exciting years surrounding Desert Storm.  On 1 October 1991, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, and in June 1992, he assumed his present position at the USAF Academy.

   He is happily married to the former Melinda L. Harrell of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and they have three sons and a daughter: Major Philip A. Bryant, Corban H. Bryant, 2Lt Garret L. Bryant, and Emily R. Bryant (nursing student at APU).

   Larry presently serves Academic Connections as a volunteer Ministry Research Fellow.

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