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Alvin Plantinga

    Science & Semantics

    When Faith & Reason Clash

    Darwin, Mind & Meaning

    An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism

    On Rejecting The Theory of Common Ancestry: Reply to Hasker

    Evolution, Neutrality, & Antecedent Probability: Reply to Van Till &....

    ASA Page on the dialogue that emerged from Plantinga’s Articles

    On Divine Action in the World

    Does Science Show That Miracles Can’t Happen?

William Dembski

    Dembski on Dover

    Hume, Reid, and Signs of Intelligence

    Primer on Probability

    Intelligent Design as  a Theory of Information

    Design Inference Site (Dembski)

    Pressure vs. Persecution for Intelligent Design

Michael Behe

   “Lamest Attempt” Yet to Answer Irreducible...

    Behe’s Blog “Uncommon Descent”

    Finding Design in Nature

    Darwin Under the Microscope

    Evidence for Intelligent Design from Biochemistry

    The God of Science: The Case of Intelligent Design

    Behe’s Article Database at Discovery Institute

    The Edge of Evolution (Article)

Gordon Lewis

    Creationists of the World Unite!

Dallas Willard

    Reflections on Dawkins’ The Blind Watchmaker

Robert Koons

    Post-Agnostic Science: How Physics is Reviving the Argument from Design

Walter Bradley

    Scientific Support for a Designed Universe

Jonathan Wells

    Second Thoughts About Peppered Moths

    Why Darwinism is False

Paul Copan

    The Days of Genesis: An Old-Earth View

Del Ratzsch

    Design: What Scientific Difference Could it Make?

    Nature, Design and Science


    Confessions of a Darwinist 

    ASA Page: “Are Evangelical Scientists Practical Atheists?”

    Elliot Sober: Darwin and Intelligent Design

    Stephen L. Talbott: Getting Over the Code Delusion

      “                    “     : The Unbearable Wholeness of Beings

      “                    “     : What Do Organisms Mean?

      “                    “     : Evolution & The Illusion of Randomness

    Peer-Reviewed & Peer-Edited Scientific Publications & ID (Annotated)

    Biological Information: New Perspectives (Cornell University Conference)

Response to Thomas Nagel’s book:  Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False.

    An Author Attracts Unlikely Allies  (NY Times Review)

    Ferguson, Andrew. “Heretic” in The Weekly Standard.

    Where Thomas Nagel Went Wrong (Chronicle of Higher Education Review)

    Science Dimisses Nagel Book with Faint Praise 

    Philosopher Thomas Nagel Goes the Way of Alvin Plantinga, Disses Evolution 

    What’s Gotten Into Thomas Nagel?  (National Post Review)

    Do You Only Have a Brain?  On Thomas Nagel     (The Nation)

    The Book That Deflated Darwin Day (Intercollegiate Review)

Carl F.H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding (Fellows):

    Evangelicals & Genesis (Clinton Ohlers)

    Terms of the Divine Art: Aquinas on Creation (Joshua Lee Harris)

    On Harmonizing Science and Scripture: An Introduction (Bradley Gundlach)

    Mimesis in Genesis (Todd Patterson)

    An Unexpected Journey (Hans Madueme)

Science, Theology & Charitable Discussion: A Symposium Recap (Thomas H. McCall)

If Christ Be Not Raised: Reflections on Methodological Naturalism (Fazale Rana)

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